For the last few years I have been working on a table top role playing system.

Pen and Paper Table Top RPGs have really been the driving force for my passion as a gamer and designer. Since I was 10 I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons or some sort of RPG for the last now 26 years. I instantly fell in love with the idea you could use your imagination to play a story with your friends. Like many of you, my friends and I spent countless hours and nights playing DnD nonstop for days.

I have always been completely fascinated by the mechanics and way the rules work to shape and mold the world. As a Game Master I had complete freedom to tell a story, but the rules and mechanics kept everything in check and allowed the story to be shaped and go in direction even I could not predict. Every session was a living story and my friends and I loved fighting and adventuring together in that world.

As the years progressed like many people we grew up and life came with it’s drama, it’s ups and downs. We grew with each system and I tried to learn and understand as many game systems as I could as we jumped from different ones. All the time I was creating new rules, mechanics, leading to a point I knew where I would be able to create the best system I could.

That being said I love the systems out there and Dungeons and Dragons will always be the one with the most support and fanfare. Creating a custom system is not about competing, but offering players out there something else, something more advanced and detailed. It won’t be for everyone, and I know may not like it, but that’s okay. At some point you create because you love what you’re creating and just want to share with people.

It’s taken me a long time to final get to a point where I can start logging and sharing the ideas and systems that go through my head almost everyday. One of my favorite past times is to just take walks and zone out while the numbers and dice fly for each scenario I try to figure out in my head.

Okay let’s begin.